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Rethinking How Homes are Bought and Sold

Just because a home doesn't have a For Sale sign doesn't mean it isn't for sale. At Offeroo, we believe any home can be for sale if the right buyer comes along.

Empowering Buyers

As a buyer on the hunt for the perfect property, don't just settle for homes that are listed on the MLS. Take control in the pursuit of your dream home, vacation home, or investment property. Purchase a ROFR or Make an Offer on the home you really want, not just one that happens to be listed for sale.

Benefits for Homeowners

Offeroo reveals hidden demand for homes not currently listed for sale. As a homeowner, you can receive a cash payment for the Right of First Refusal on your property or receive off-market offers from motivated buyers.

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Are you interested in a home that isn't for sale?

Don't limit your search to homes that are listed for sale.
Any home could be for sale if the right buyer comes along.

Right of First Refusal (ROFR)

A Right of First Refusal is a simple legal agreement that gives a buyer the right - but not the obligation - to purchase a property when the owner decides to sell it. When a property owner receives a third party offer to buy the property, the owner must allow the holder of the ROFR to buy the property under the same terms of the third party offer. A ROFR ensures that you have the right to purchase your desired property before anyone else.

Off-Market Offer

An Off-Market Offer is an offer to purchase a property that is not currently listed for sale or advertised. Off-market deals represent "hidden gems" in a competitive real estate market. Simply tell us your desired property, and we'll get to work turning your dreams into reality. Remember, any property could be for sale if the right offer comes along.

Property Types

Offeroo can assist you in purchasing the following Off-Market properties
  • • Primary Residences
  • • Vacation Homes
  • • Condos
  • • Investment Properties
  • • Commercial Properties
  • • Land
  • • Fixer-Uppers

Property Owners

Are you a homeowner or commercial owner looking to unlock value in your property?

Offeroo can help you get cash for the Right of First Refusal or help you discover your home's worth by receiving off-market offers on your property.

Real Estate Brokers

Are you a broker or agent looking for an exciting new way to grow your business?

Contact us today to discuss Offeroo's innovative referral programs.

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