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Want to Buy a Home That Isn’t For Sale?


Rethinking How Homes are Bought and Sold

Offeroo helps buyers make offers on off-market real estate. Just because a home doesn’t have a For Sale sign in the yard doesn’t mean it isn’t for sale. At Offeroo, we believe any home can be for sale if the right offer comes along.

Empowering Buyers

As a buyer on the hunt for the perfect property, don’t just settle for homes that are listed on the MLS. Take control and be proactive in the pursuit of your dream home, vacation home, or investment property. Make an offer on the home you really want, not just one that happens to be listed for sale.

Real-time Pricing for Homeowners

Offeroo reveals hidden demand for homes not currently listed for sale. Many homeowners consider selling when presented with a legitimate offer from a motivated buyer.

Make Offers with Ease

Our simple and easy-to-use service allows you to make offers on and purchase off-market real estate

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Buy any Property

Don’t limit your search to homes that are listed for sale. Any home could be for sale if the right offer comes along.

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Professional Service

Tell us your desired property and we get to work turning your dreams into reality.

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Making an offer through Offeroo is simple, secure, and totally free!