FAQs and Tips for Making a Great Offer


Offeroo is an online service to make offers on off-market real estate. Our simple process helps buyers make offers on any home, not just homes that are listed for sale. 

All types of homebuyers use Offeroo including first-time buyers, vacation home buyers, investment property buyers, corporate relocation divisions, and institutional buyers. Offeroo provides an innovative solution to today’s challenging real estate market.  

Submitting an offer is totally free. If your offer is accepted by the homeowner and the home is purchased, Offeroo receives a fee paid by the agent handling the sale. 

Your offer is tentative and not legally binding until you sign a contract. If your offer is accepted, your agent will guide you through the process which allows plenty of time to inspect the property and make changes to your offer. 

You won’t know until you ask! If your first offer is rejected, keep trying. Be open to looking at other properties your agent wishes to show you. There are many homeowners willing to sell if the right offer comes along.

Yes, you can make multiple offers at any time. 

Yes! If you make an offer on a home and you and the homeowner agree to a purchase price, you can make your offer contingent upon seeing the inside of the home to ensure it is what you want. Your agent can help you put this contingency in your contract.


Price is the most important factor in determining the success of an offer. Be sure to do adequate research before submitting your offer, and make sure your offer is realistic for the house you are trying to buy. 

 If you’re a cash buyer, you already have an idea of how much you can spend on a house. If you will be applying for a mortgage and are not pre-approved, your agent can help you with pre-approval so you will know how much home you can afford.

Remember, it’s likely that the homeowner wasn’t planning to sell or move, so be flexible in your planning. This may mean pushing out your closing date to allow the homeowner time to find another home or changing inspection periods or other contingencies. 

If the offer on the house you initially wanted is not accepted, be willing to work with your agent and let them show you other properties. They may be able to locate something similar (or better!) that can be purchased, either on- or off-market.

Maybe you’ve admired a particular house you’ve driven past for years on your way to work, or maybe you always wanted to live in a certain neighborhood. Whatever the reason may be, consider writing a personal letter to the owner to express why you want their house and how you would be a good steward of the property for years to come. Flattery goes a long way!

 Your agent is a real estate professional specializing in the market in which the house you want to buy is located. They are here to help and want you to be successful in purchasing the home you want. Listen to their advice!

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